Smoke on the Mountain



Little Opry Theatre, 3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expy


120 min. (1 Intermission for 15min)

Smoke on the Mountain

Smoke on the Mountain, conceived by Allen Bailey and written by Connie Ray, is a magnificent blend of story and song.

Smoke on the Mountain will take you back to a simpler time, 1938, where your group becomes part of the congregation of the Mount Pleasant Church. You are invited to their "first ever Saturday Night Sing", where Pastor Oglethorpe is bound and determined to move his flock into the "modern world".

You'll be thrilled to hear the Sanders family renditions of some of the best old gospel tunes ever written, like "Church in the Wildwood", "Wonderful Time Up There", "I'll Fly Away", as well as some you may have never heard before.


The Little Opry Theatre is located inside the IMAX Entertainment Complex at 3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway.

Smoke on the Mountain

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