Frankie Avalon



Andy Williams Performing Arts Center & Theatre, 1 Andy Williams Blvd


90 min.

Frankie Avalon

Teen idol Frankie Avalon is known for singing the hit "Venus" and for starring in the popular Beach Party film series with Annette Funicello.
Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Frankie Avalon is considered one of the first manufactured teen idols. His song "Venus" became his first No. 1 single in 1959, and he released six more Top 40 records in that year alone. In 1962, Avalon and Annette Funicello paired their clean-cut looks to make the popular Beach Party surfer film series.
A symbol of his era, Avalon went on to appear in the 1950s-themed musical Grease in 1978, playing The Teen Angel and singing the memorable "Beauty School Drop-out" in the film. 
As part of a long-running concert tour, Avalon has toured with fellow Philadelphian 50s teen idols Fabian and Bobby Rydell under the banner "Dick Fox's Golden Boys." One of those appearances was at our own Andy Williams Performing Arts Center in 2017. We are honored to welcome Frankie back for one night only in 2018.?

Frankie Avalon

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