Branson Murder Mystery Dinner Show



The Majestic Theatre, 2849 Gretna Road


90 min.

Branson Murder Mystery Dinner Show

Branson Murder Mystery Dinner Theater presents a NEW EXCITING SHOW for 2019
“Murder at the Town Vote” and gives Branson another hilariously live dinner theater
experience! You’ll find the same zany- crazy characters attempting to solve another
unfortunate murder in Branson. We even have some of the same hilarious routines from
last year by audience demand. New show! Great Cast! Crazy, New Fun!
Everyone is getting ready for the town vote when suddenly there is a mysterious death.
This is where the story, and the insanity, begins! You have the opportunity to jump in on
the action, or simply enjoy everyone else in their new role in the show! There’s never a
dull moment in “Murder at the Town Vote.” You’ll enjoy trains a whistlin’, guns a
shootin’ and folks a yellin’ at this fun family dinner show. Hey, you could even turn out to be the murdering scum yourself.
All this outrageous fun is based, rather loosely mind you, on Branson’s actual
history…with a lot of liberties taken, of course! You follow the clues and you get a
chance to solve the murder. It’s a real “Who Dun It” …and there’s dinner too. Dinner,
western comedy hi-jinks, and the chance to hone your acting skills with an excellent
cast. It’s all wrapped up in one great show! Come on out and join the fun at “Murder at
the Town Vote!” 
Doors open at 3:30 PM. Dinner at 4 PM.


Performing at the Majestic Theater 2849 Gretna Road in Branson, Missouri 65616.



Branson Murder Mystery Dinner Show

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