Hannah's Maze of Mirrors


Hannah's Maze of Mirrors, 3030 W Hwy 76

Hannah's Maze of Mirrors


Hannah's Maze of Mirrors is a thrilling walk-through puzzle of mirrors set to challenge even the most sleuthfull...

Find your way through the mirrored corridors and be a hero! Discover 288 potential turns among hundreds of mirrored walls and archways, plus several sections where you see infinite...

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Hannah's Maze of Mirrors AVAILABILITY:

$ 10.13

Voucher Exchange

Exchange voucher for admittance. 3030 W Hwy 76 in Branson, Missouri 65616. An All Access Pass must be used within 24 hours, once activated at box office. Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center reserves the right to request the age of any guest when they arrive at the facility. If guest is over the age of 11, the guest will be charged the adult rate. Children under the age of 4 or under the height of 42" are restricted from riding the Castle of Chaos.

Cancellation policy

May cancel up to 72 hours before start date

Hannah's Maze of Mirrors

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