Winter in the Ozarks

Winter in the Ozarks
January 16, 2018

Winter in the Ozarks is unpredictable and contradictory, to say the least.  With varying temperatures, it is not unlikely to experience balmy, spring-like days followed by extreme conditions of wind, rain, sleet or snow.  Take the past two weeks for example.  Last week we enjoyed sunny days with temperatures in the 60s followed by below freezing temperatures and winter weather advisories.  This week we had decent weather with manageable forecasts accompanied by more sunshine!  Yesterday and today the snow fell...and fell....and fell...  Not our typical ice and sleet and crystallized snow.  No sir!  This was the thick, fluffy, powdery snow I remember from my childhood days growing up in Montana.  It was like seeing a long lost friend!  Not so great for drving  on the back roads, but perfect for sledding and story-telling with the kiddos.  The formerly barren trees with the snow embellished limbs were simply breath-taking.  As the sun set with a fiery glow, the glimpses of deep red between the branches, offset by the now somewhat periwinkle hue of the snow-covered hills was a sight to behold.  The perfect setting for a big ole cup of hot cocoa and yet another childhood memory relived right here in the Ozarks...

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