Why the Amazing Pets Show is Perfect for Kids

Why the Amazing Pets Show is Perfect for Kids
April 19, 2022
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So, you’re looking for a kid-friendly show that is exciting and fun for the whole family? Consider going to the Amazing Pets show in Branson, hosted by Grand Country. 

In today’s blog, iBranson talks about some of the top reasons why the Amazing Pets Show is the perfect show to take the kids or grandkids to! 

A Morning Branson Show to Get the Day Started

The performance is held seasonally at the GrandCountry Music Hall at around 10 a.m. Amazing Pets is the perfect morning show to get your day started. 

Set the right tone for your exciting day, filled with activities in Branson by watching talented animals perform spectacular feats on stage. 

Amazing Pets is also conveniently located next to the Grand Country Buffet. You can eat a delicious breakfast with the kids before the show or have lunch after. 

The show is also near an enormous amount of fun kid-friendly activities, including an indoor water park and other exciting local attractions

Witness Talented Dogs and Cats

The tricks these dogs and cats perform will impress even the adults. Get a front-row seat and watch impressive acrobatics where cats jump from high vantage points and land safely into a stagehand’s padded pillow. 

Many of these pets are taken from shelters, given a home and trained to perform tricks. 

See Exotic Birds Performing Feats

You won’t have to stop by the zoo to see exotic birds in flight. Amazing Pets showcases impressive and interesting bird tricks during a portion of the show. 

The birds bridge the boundary of the stage and become part of the audience, performing aerial feats right above people’s heads. It’s an experience that the whole family can enjoy. 

It’s Short and Really Interesting 

Normally, Amazing Pets lasts between one to two hours — not a very long time. This is perfect for kids. We all know children are often jumping from place to place and can get restless after sitting down for a while. 

But at Amazing Pets, the breadth of talented animals performing impressive tricks is sure to keep their attention wrapped in the performance.  

Book Your Tickets to the Amazing Pets Show in Branson

At iBranson, we consider ourselves to be your personal concierge service, taking care of all the little things you need to make sure you and your family have a great time in Branson. 

We offer great discounts and tickets for numerous attractions and events, including the Amazing Pets Show. Contact us online or call us today for more information!


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