Top 3 Reasons to See the Acrobats of Shanghai in Branson

Top 3 Reasons to See the Acrobats of Shanghai in Branson
April 06, 2022
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Want to see breath-taking acrobatics, aerial performances, colorful dances, and dazzling magic, all bundled into one great performance? The Acrobats of Shanghai and their premier show, the Grand Shanghai Circus, has all that and more.

In today’s blog, iBranson gives you three reasons why the Acrobats of Shanghai should be the next show on your list to see when visiting Branson. For those who’ve never heard of this show, here are some details. 

Who are the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai? 

The Acrobats of Shanghai are a troupe of acrobatic performers who’ve helped to shape Branson’s identity over the years as a premier live show destination. Their act honors the history of old Shanghai culture and seamlessly weaves it together with modern theatrical spectacle. 

These veteran acrobatic performers have been a highlight to watch in Branson for over 22 years. Their latest show, “Shanghai Circus,” is held at the famed Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre. 

What are the Show’s Features?

The show hosts 40 seasoned acrobats from Shanghai, China, performing gravity-defying, well-choreographed movements. You and your family can watch from comfortable, cushioned seats in a well-ventilated theatre. 

During the interlude periods, artists can be found in the lobby area creating name signs and engraving jewelry that are available for purchase. 

How Long is the Acrobats of Shanghai Performance?

The show usually lasts around 2 hours, with 15 minute intermission periods. Plan on using three hours for the show, that’s counting time for parking and getting to your seats.

Here’s what sets this show apart from others

1. Impressive Magic 

It’s a given that the magic displayed at this show is mesmerizing and engaging. The combination of pyrotechnics and lighting are both masterfully used to create a once-in-a lifetime viewing experience for audiences. Aerial feats and laugh-out-loud comedy are effortlessly woven into stage magic performances.

2. Dramatic Acrobatics 

Many members of this troupe have trained their bodies for advanced acrobatic performances for most of their lives. Watch expert gymnasts, contortionists and acrobats test the limits of human balance, agility, and strength in a mystifying performance that will put you on the edge of your seat. 

3. Dazzling Spectacle

It’s a dramatic presentation of technical skill, strength, balance, and grace. Everything from the elaborate costume designs and advanced LED lighting technologies, to the fun stage props, combine to create an electric, stylish ambiance and unforgettable show experience. 

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