The Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center

The Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center
November 11, 2016


Picture this:  the sun is just barely setting on the horizon of a gorgeous fall day in the Ozark Mountains.  You just ate a scrumptious meal at any of a number of restaurants in town.  It’s not quite show time and you’re not so full you need to take a nap at the award-winning hotel you’re staying at.  Your little one spots an intriguing complex with a faux Mt. Rushmore scenario so you pull in to take a closer look.  And boy are you glad you did!  


The Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center is the ideal place to spend a couple of hours, with enough variety to interest everyone in the family.  We start with the Wax Museum itself.  Coll doesn’t accurately describe the set up.  Ultra-cool is more like it!  You are face-to-face with recognizable wax figures…past and present…in all sorts of settings (mostly Hollywood – hence the name!), in every nook and cranny.  The displays and the layout are very well done.  


This mom appreciated being able to bypass the monster zone, while others chose to brave it.  We heard lots of chatter and saw energized patrons emerging from the monster chamber, so for those of you who enjoy the scarier side of life, your needs will be met!  Especially if you participate in the paranormal Castle of Chaos, situated at the east end of the complex (not designed or recommended for age 3 and under).  This unique experience merges a 3D file with action-packed, special effects creating a full-on shooting battle against evil.  “Top scorers from each round are shown on screen.  It’s like being inside a scary movie turned video game!”


As we completed the self-guided walk through the Hollywood Wax Museum, we entered into the gift shop.  It was just right.  Not too overwhelming.  Just enough related and whimsical items to enhance the experience we just had.   With pretty affordable prices as well.


From there, we opted to enjoy Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors.  This was crazy fun, if not a little disconcerting at times when we found ourselves going in circles.  Tip:  take time to read the story.  As it unfolds, you’ll find clues to help maneuver through the maze.  I am blessed to have a very smart, problem-solver of a nine year old, so we got out of the maze of mirrors unscathed!


And for us, the grand finale included a very entertaining round of miniature golf.  By then, the sun was in full setting motion.  The view of Branson, with lights aglow and traffic in full swing, was the perfect backdrop for a scene right out of the movies, if you will!  A nice breeze was blowing.  People were laughing and having a good time.  Families seemed connected.  All around, the place had a good, family-friendly vibe going.


As we finished up our game and returned our putters, the attendant gave us a cheery “have a good night!” and “thanks for hanging out with us!”.  Little one and I just grinned at each other as we walked to our show just a block away.  We agreed it was a great way to spend our time…the perfect start to a good night and we were supremely satisfied that we chose to visit the Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center.  Good folks.  Good fun.

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