The Duttons: Branson’s Ultimate Musical Experience 

The Duttons: Branson’s Ultimate Musical Experience 
February 21, 2023

The Duttons are a three-generation family of musical performers. Committed to appropriate and quality family entertainment, The Duttons are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in their music and business practices.  

Besides the flagship business, The Dutton Family Theater, located in live music capital Branson, Missouri, The Duttons are owners of several other successful businesses including The Dutton Inn and Abby’s Tourist Trap. They also tour extensively with their music show and are featured on several national and international television specials. 

Their latest endeavor, “The Duttons Through the Years”, is a weekly series on RFD-TV covering the family’s 30-year career and featuring some of their latest recordings and music videos. Whether on television or live on stage, The Duttons are the first choice for an evening of exemplary entertainment! 


What to Expect When You See The Duttons Perform 

The Duttons play everything from bluegrass to classical music and everything in between. Their show features a variety of instruments, including violin, guitar, bass, viola, banjo, mandolin, keyboard, harmonica, and drums, among others. The Duttons have garnered awards and recognition in national fiddling contests, classical violin competitions, and as studio musicians. 

In addition to their instrumental virtuosity, The Duttons are accomplished singers and dancers and have been recognized as superb vocal talents. Behind the scenes, The Duttons collaborate among themselves and other entertainment professionals to create unique production ideas for their crowd-pleasing show

Dean and Sheila Dutton (Dad and Mom Dutton) weren’t professional musicians, and they certainly weren’t planning on raising their children as such. But when they realized music was defining their family, they embraced it. Since that moment, The Duttons  haven’t looked back and have gone on to enjoy a successful music career. Today, they own their own theater in Branson, Missouri, where they perform over 300 shows a year. They also manage another theater in Mesa, Arizona, where they perform from December through April. The Duttons also do several tour dates throughout the year around the world. 

While The Duttons’ musical talent is obvious, what sets them apart from most shows is their ability to connect with audiences. People are fascinated by the all-in-the-family performers whose love for each other and for what they share is unique.  

“I, for one, have never witnessed anything like this instant rapport between performers and ticket buyers – and I’ve been attending concerts for almost six decades,” said critic Mike Kerverlas of the Sumter, S.C. Item. “In short, The Duttons are showmanship personified.” 


Here’s What Guests Are Saying 

A quick search on Tripadvisor will show countless 5-star reviews for The Duttons. We’ve selected just a few of these reviews to feature. 

“I wanted to see a variety of shows. This show was amazing. The whole family has so much talent. Great variety of songs and music. The show was great.” 5-star Tripadvisor Review 

“Virtuosity, versatility, creativity served up with a generous dose of energy and humor: this is The Duttons. A three-generation ensemble, from the founding couple to 31 grandchildren, nearly all appear on stage, and all deserve a separate mention. But at the top of the list is Amy and her violin. When she gets on a roll, from Bluegrass to classical or both (yes, it's possible) you’ll forget to breathe.” 5-star Tripadvisor Review 

The Duttons never disappoint. We’ve visited the show several times in the last ten years.” 5-star Tripadvisor Review 


Seeing is Believing 

We’ve done our best to tell you how amazing The Duttons’ show is, but now it’s time for you to see for yourself. Check out these terrific performances by clicking on any of the three links below. 

Cotton Eyed Joe 

Dust in the Wind 



Buy Tickets 

Don’t wait to get your tickets to see The Duttons. And don’t pay full price either. Click here to grab your discounted tickets.   



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