How Live Music Shaped Branson

How Live Music Shaped Branson
March 15, 2022
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Live music has been at the heart of what makes Branson a special place for family vacationers and weekend thrill-seekers alike, not just locally, but nationally.

In Branson, there’s no shortage of great musical talent to marvel at. People drive from all over to catch a glimpse. Live music performances have played a massive role in shaping the performance culture of Branson.  

In today’s blog post, iBranson discusses exactly how live music served to shape Branson’s reputation as the live entertainment capital of the world. 

Branson Shows Started with Live Music

Branson’s worldwide reputation as a city for live entertainment and family-friendly shows didn’t start with acrobatics, contortionists, or jugglers — nope. It got started with live music. 

The first formal live musical performance was done by the Mabe Brothers around 1959. It was called the Baldknobbers Jamboree. This show remains incredibly popular today. 

Music and Comedy: An Award-Wininng Combo

They created a winning formula of comedic jokes combined with upbeat country music. It’s used by many successful Branson shows today. Branson audiences continue to view the Baldknobbers to be a fun, family-friendly act that continues to give unique live musical performances to this day. 

By 1960, the Presley family began doing live musical performances with guest performances from Ozark Jubilee. Music performances kept growing and expanding to include even more genres outside of country music. 

Morning Breakfast Live Music Shows 

Music even made its way into breakfast diners, places where customers would order breakfast and listen to a 90-minute musical performance. One popular venue was Breakfast with Sedaka, which featured hits from Neil Sedaka, The Carpenters, and Captain & Tennille

Today, however, breakfast music shows aren’t very common. This is because most hotels provide complimentary breakfasts to residents. On the other hand, Branson offers plenty of live music to go along with an evening dinner or lunch, like Mel’s Hard Luck Diner. 

Music Theatres Began Showing Up Everywhere 

In order to meet growing demand, lots of large acoustic theatres began popping up all along Highway 76. Here are just a few examples of Branson’s famous live music venues. 

Today, there are over 50 theatres scattered throughout Branson.

  • Baldknobbers Create their own theatre (opened 1969)
  • Hughes Brothers Theatre (opened in 1985)
  • Dolly Parton’s Stampede (opened in 1987)
  • Mickey Gilley Theatre (opened in 1990)
  • Pierce Arrow Theatre (opened in 2002)
  • Clay Cooper Theatre (opened in 2010)

Music Directly Influenced Live Performance in Branson

Plenty of live entertainment options began popping up, featuring a variety of acts, from acrobatics to comedy and magic. They were all influenced by one shared element: live music. Music, whether it was country and bluegrass, or rock n’ roll and pop, had an enormous effect on almost all areas of live entertainment.

And it still does. 

In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed to find performances today that don’t factor in live musical ensembles. Many Branson shows, like the award-winning SIX, have impressive visual effects to accentuate musical numbers and bring audiences a well-rounded viewing experience.

Top Musical Performances in Branson Today

Several great musical talents, some recent and others veterans since the start, continue to shape the tenor of Branson’s live entertainment culture. We offer tickets to experience them all. 

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