How Branson’s Live Shows are by and for Families

How Branson’s Live Shows are by and for Families
May 17, 2022
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Branson, Missouri offers the greatest amount of live entertainment given by performing families for families.

Branson is home to numerous family-friendly shows for kids, grandkids, parents, and grandparents alike.

In today’s post, iBranson, a premier ticket sales company for Branson entertainment, highlights most shows presented by talented families. 

The Duttons

Dutton family photo

The Duttons show is performed by a family of talented entertainers. Since 1991, the Duttons have been sharing their gift and love of music to family audiences in Branson and have become one of the most popular live music shows in the area. 


Six brothers performing live in Branson

The SIX live show is, simply put, just six brothers showcasing their musical talents for families to enjoy.

They’ve been rated among the top shows in Branson and are a great choice for families without children that aren’t too young in age, normally between grade school and college. 

Hughes Music Show

Hughes live music performance with stringed instruments

Just like the name suggests, this trope is a band of brothers that has been performing for families in Branson for years now. 

Not only are they a band of brothers, but they are considered the World’s Largest Performing Family, with wives, and children performing as well. 

This family has been performing for over 28 years. 

In that time, they’ve dazzled audiences with perfectly timed choreography and larger-than-life stage performances that stay with you long after you leave your seat. 

ReVibe child performers on stage


The members of Re-Vibe are the 2nd generation of the Hughes music show. Their multi-talented, younger cousins offer a spectacular live music performance that is designed to keep you engaged from start to finish. 

Re-Vibe is made great for families by its use of vibrant lights, mesmerizing costume designs, and dance choreography. You’ll find yourself dancing and moving with the beat of R&B, pop, rock n’ roll, country, jazz, and more. 

The Petersons posing with musical instruments

The Petersons 

The Petersons are as down-home as it gets. This is a family of musicians and songwriters that perform good ol’ American roots music in Branson, Missouri. 

No other show so authentically showcases down-to-earth family values and community than the Petersons. It’s a great choice for families to view and enjoy. 

The Haygoods brothers in a live performance

The Haygoods 

The Haygoods have been fiddling and performing since they were kids in 1993 and have been an amazingly fun live show for families looking for good entertainment in Branson, Missouri. 

This Christian family of musically-gifted performers is made up of 5 brothers and one sister. They sing music of all kinds, spanning from 60s classics to modern-day hits. The Haygoods perform with over 20 musical instruments. 

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