Grand Country Music Hall

Grand Country Music Hall
February 01, 2019

Grand Country Music Hall is home to a variety of wonderful shows throughout the year. They are one of the only theatres that stay open year-round. A few of the shows that are featured during the winter months include:

Amazing Pets: Kids of all ages will enjoy the Amazing Pets show! Audience members will see exciting acts and tricks from a troupe of skilled dogs and trained house cats. The show stars an amazing troupe of furry creatures who will win your hearts as they perform for your love and laughter. Many have been rescued from animal shelters and humane societies across the country. Guests will also see exotic birds and will be wowed at the many surprises throughout the show!

Comedy Jamboree: The Comedy Jamboree always has a way of putting smiles on everyone’s faces. The show is centered around amazing comedy, but offers a great variety! Andy and Applejack keep the audience laughing the entire show. From audience participation to crazy stunts, it is impossible not to laugh. Stretch McCord keeps Andy and Applejack in line and is also featured on a few songs during the show as well! The Comedy Jamboree singers have incredible harmonies. They sing a number of songs that everyone will know and be able to sing along! Their dancing and choreography is superb. Everyone will enjoy watching them perform!
The award-winning Grand Band is featured throughout the entire show, along with the incomparable pianist, Tracy Heaston!

Grand Jubilee: The Grand Jubilee has been a crowd favorite for many years. Mike Patrick is the emcee and producer of the show and is also featured on several numbers. Their comedian, Jamie Haage keeps the crowd laughing all night long. He also showcases his vocal and instrumental talent throughout the show as well. The featured quartet, New South, consists of Mark, Luke, David, and John. Their harmony is amazing and ‘wow’ the crowd song after song. Jackie Brown is the featured female vocalist and performs amazing songs that everyone will enjoy. The Grand Band also adds their talent to this incredible show to make it a show that can’t be missed!

Be sure to come back to see all of the other shows that the theatre has to offer!

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