Five Locally-Owned Restaurants in Branson

Five Locally-Owned Restaurants in Branson
September 09, 2020

Because they all employ local, frontline workers, it is important to support ANY and EVERY restaurant in Branson, locally-owned or not.  We do understand, though, the desire to taste local cuisine when on vacation. Who wants to travel half way across country just to eat the same foods that can be found in your hometown? With that in mind, here is a list of five locally-owned restaurants serving up local flavors that you will not find in your hometown.

Farmhouse Family Restaurant. For  fifty years, Farmhouse has sat in the same spot in Historic Downtown Branson, and for over forty years, the same family has owned and operated it. They take pride in the quality of their food.  They take pride in their home-cooked flavors. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Farmhouse will bring you the taste of Branson.Farmhouse Family Restaurant on
McFarlain's Family Restaurant on

This Fried Green Tomato Burger is just one of many Branson flavors that one can find at McFarlain's Family Restaurant, Bakery & Pie Shop. Located in the Imax complex near the corner of Shepherd of the Hills and the Branson Strip, McFarlain's is not only a favorite for guests in Branson, but a favorite among those who live here. One can find many locals dining at McFarlain's, and then seeing a show at the IMAX  or Little Opry Theater.

There are two kinds of barbecue: that in which the meat is saturated in sauce and that which the meat is smoked and sauce is available on the table. Branson prides itself in smoked meat. Star Bar & Grill serves some of the best. Steaks, burgers, chicken, brisket, pulled pork, all are fantastic. We will let you in on a local's secret: Star Bar & Grill offers one of the best breakfasts in Branson.Star Bar Grill on
Mel's Hard Luck Diner at

Visitors to Branson go to Mel's Hard Luck Diner to hear the singing servers. Locals go to Mel's because they offer great food at a great price. The great-looking sandwiches pictured here are just a start. Mel's offers generous portions of desserts, as well. This is not just a great restaurant, it is a great attraction, one that you must visit while in Branson. Come for the singing servers. Come back again and again for the food. 

Everything at Top at the Rock has been created to preserve both the history and ecology of the area. Osage Restaurant is no exception. The views from the windows and patios are breathtaking. The decor is amazing. Just as good are the steaks and seafood they serve. They rightly pride themselves in their upscale regional menu. Top of the Rock does not just serve up great food, they serve up great memories. 

Osage Restaurant on

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