Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about WonderWorks Branson

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about WonderWorks Branson
January 28, 2023

Have you ever heard the story of Professor Wonder and the upside-down laboratory?  

On a remote island, in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle, there was a top-secret research laboratory led by Professor Wonder. While working on an experiment to harness the power of a tornado, something went terribly wrong. The wind grew stronger than expected!  

Professor Wonder tried to stop the experiment, but the swirling vortex spun out of control and was too strong to be contained. The power of the tornado was unleashed into the laboratory. The mighty cyclone ripped the building from its foundation. The tornado carried the lab hundreds of miles away where it finally landed upside-down! 

What is WonderWorks? 

WonderWorks is an amusement park for the mind with 48,000 square feet (about half the area of a Manhattan city block) of “edu-tainment.” The attraction combines education and entertainment with more than 100 hands-on exhibits that challenge the mind and spark the imagination.  

WonderWorks is one of the top things to do in Branson, Missouri. This family-friendly attraction is a wonder for everyone. After visiting WonderWorks, you’ll be able to answer questions like:  

  • What is the state of matter?  
  • Can you get your kicks on Route 66?  
  • What is Branson’s most famous fish?  
  • What does it feel like to go ZERO GRAVITY?  

Here are some of the featured attractions you’ll enjoy during your visit to WonderWorks. 

Meteorology and More 

In WonderWorks' extreme weather and natural disaster zone, guests experience hurricane winds, learn about the state of matter, and more! 


Hurricane Shack 

Hold on tight! You don’t want to be blown away!  

Leaving its own path of destruction, the hurricane is one of the most common natural disasters in the world. This fast-cycling storm is made up of a low-pressure center and a spiral collection of thunderstorms that produce heavy rain and sometimes hail, and powerful winds that can reach over 155 miles per hour! 


How Cold is It? 

The Titanic was the largest ship afloat in the early 1900s, but after colliding with an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912, the ship sank, causing one of the most devastating disasters in modern history. 

You can place your hand in icy 28-degree water to see exactly how cold the water was that night.  


Physical Physics 

From understanding pulleys to playing virtual sports, from lying on a bed of nails to climbing, there is no shortage of physical exertion at WonderWorks. 


Bed of Nails 

Every scientist knows that pressure is the application of force to the surface of an object. When you step on a single nail, your foot puts a large amount of force onto the small surface area of that nail, easily piercing your skin. 

But what happens when you like down on 5,895 nails? 


Tesla Coil 

Nikola Tesla invented the Tesla coil around 1891 to investigate the electrical realm of high-voltage, low-current, and high-frequency. Some Tesla coils create electric fields powerful enough to generate electricity to wirelessly power a fluorescent light up to 50 feet away. 

You can become a human lightning rod as you place your hand through a mesh, steel armor glove and watch while the Tesla coil emits 100,000 volts of electricity to your fingers! 


Light, Sound, and Senses 

Play your favorite tune on their Monster Piano, take “Me and My Shadow” to the next level in their Strike-A-Pose exhibit, turn dancing into art and see if you can move at the speed of light! 


XD Theater 

This one-of-a-kind experience combines 3D film with special effects and full-motion seating, ranging from subtle sensations to intense vibrations. The XD Motion Theater experience virtually transports you from your seat into the big-screen action and adventure. 


Bubble Lab 

If you’re anywhere between ages 1 and 101, you’ll love this exhibit. Create bubbles the size of basketballs, blow bubbles through a bubble sheet, or make a bubble big enough for you to fit inside. 

Look at all the pretty colors in the bubbles as they float around. They’re reflections and refractions of the light around the bubble. The colors show how thick, or thin, the bubble wall is. 


Strike a Pose 

Have you ever wondered what your shadow really looks like? The secret to this exhibit is the wall you pose in front of. When the flash appears, the portion of the wall that your body is covering is unable to absorb light. Your image on the wall hasn’t become darker, but instead, the rest of the wall has become lighter. 


Space Discovery 

Explore the planets, train like astronauts, and land a shuttle on Mars. In the space discovery zone, the galaxy is your playground. 


Astronaut Training Gyro 

This 4-person gyroscope spins and rotates in multiple, random directions as it simulates the effects that outer space has on humans. Experience the feeling of weightlessness and the rolls and tumbles astronauts feel when they’re conquering missions in space. 


Astronaut Space Suit 

Explore a life-size replica of an EVA suit astronauts wear when they need to work outside their spacecraft. Space suits must be worn to keep astronauts alive in the extreme environment of outer space. 


Mercury Capsule 

Climb into a replica of one of the launched capsules and experience what it’s like to lay inside this one-man vehicle. Project Mercury was the first human spaceflight program of the United States of America led by NASA. The goal was to put a human in orbit around the Earth. The spacecraft was just big enough for a single crew member. 


Elements, Earth, and Life 

From animals to topography, WonderWorks Branson allows you to explore the world around you. Touch electricity, create a landscape with rivers and mountains, learn about prehistoric dinosaurs, and more! 


Google Earth 

Google Earth is a virtual globe and map giving you the opportunity to travel anywhere you want within a matter of seconds. Explore different countries and continents viewing satellite imagery, terrain, and structures. See how quickly you can find your home or school. 



This interactive sandbox lets you be the creator of your own landscape. Dig ocean trenches, build Jurassic mountains, or create safari flatlands. You have the power! This is all possible through augmented reality. While you interact with the sand in the real-world, computer-generated sensors cause the elements to react to what you’re doing. 


Wonder Art Gallery 

WonderWorks Branson features a unique art gallery including illusion art and art from budding artists in Missouri and Arkansas. Your eyes will play tricks on you! 


Illusion Art Gallery 

Tell us what you see. A man’s face or a garden harvest. Your eyes will be deceived and delighted with the many illusion art pieces in their illusion art gallery. WonderWorks Branson features some of the world’s most renowned illusion art. 


Ozart: Young Artists Gallery 

Often people’s future ideas or paths come from visions. Whether they’re daydreaming or having dreams while they sleep, visions are often of hope for the future.  


Dr. Seuss’s Unorthodox Taxidermy 

Dr. Seuss was inspired and fascinated by the animals at the Springfield Zoo. These animals would bring to life his fictional characters through imaginative taxidermy sculptures. Seventeen sculptures were created and included real bills, horns, and antlers which remain today as some of the finest examples of his innovative and multidimensional creativity. 

Here’s What Customers Are Saying 

We had a great time. There were many things to interact with. They had a large Lite-Brite that brought back memories. My daughter enjoyed the sand and my 16-year-old had fun making bubbles. Overall, it was a great place to go.” 5-star TripAdvisor Review 

“We had so much fun with our 3-year-old! This place is great for all ages, but probably most fun if you’re going with kids. I highly recommend!” 5-star TripAdvisor Review 

“We went to WonderWorks with our 7-year-old daughter thinking we could kill a couple hours, but we were wrong. This could be at least a half day activity! I'm 36 and my wife is 34, and we had just as much fun as our daughter. There are lots of science activities and they make it fun! We’ll go back.” 5-star Google Review 


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The Final Word 

WonderWorks Branson offers terrific group rates, wonderful birthday party packages, and STEM programs and events too.  

The next time you’re in Branson and want to have a scientifically fun time, be sure to visit WonderWorks located at 2835 W. 76 Country Blvd.  

You’ll be glad you did! 


(Source: https://www.wonderworksonline.com/branson/) 

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